Spherical Lenses

Mounted Lenses

Plano Optics

Sector Mirrors

Spherical Lenses

We manufacture lenses in the diameter range from 10 mm to 360 mm, also in rectangular or square outer shape. Thanks to the latest CNC grinding and polishing technology, you will receive these lenses in consistently high and reproducible quality even after years.

Mounted Lenses​

Our optimized lenses specified to your individual use ensure the best possible results. You receive these lenses mounted or without mechanical components. We can develop such lenses for you or produce them according to your specifications.

Plano Optics​

Filters, mirrors, beam splitters and plane plates – we manufacture the parts you need.

Sector Mirrors​

Decades of experience in the production of chopper and sector mirrors for use in professional film cameras, analysis and test equipment ensures consistently high quality.